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So, How Did You Become Interested in My Little Pony ?

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Re: So, what got you into FiM?

Post by MyLittleCarouselPony on Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:24 pm
I saw and purchased two videotapes that were of the first two My Little Pony movies, with G1 My Little Pony characters. The first two movies were created and produced in Japan, by an anime production company, so they qualify as genuine anime. I watched them because I love shoujo ( girl's ) anime. I then began watching the G2 and G3 My Little Pony on broadcast TV. I have since obtained several more videotapes of the My Little Pony TV episodes featuring G2 and G3 ponies. I don't have cable TV, so I am so glad to find that MLP-FIM is on YouTube. I have been watching My Little Pony ever since ! I also enjoy watching the My Little Pony music videos on YouTube.

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it started with a love of grimdark stories and gore......that's right i'm talking about the infamous cupcakes. i fell upon this little story while digging for other creepy-pastas, and it was meh, since i didn't know the back story and what not. so while on YouTube i noticed a mlp Know your meme in suggested video's being bored i watched....still not hooked. so thanksgiving rules around and i go to see my dads side of the family and my grandpa dies on thanksgiving say the least i was pretty broken........but it gets better.......when i get back home i got fired from my job! yay! so with plenty of free time not spent looking for work i watched TV. Still living at my moms house she had the hub and i came across the show and decided to give it a watch......i'm sure you know what episode it was......yep season 2 episode 1. after that i got on YouTube and watched every episode.....ponies helped me through a dark time in my life and believe that's why i love them so thoroughly.

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I saw some of the fan videos on my daily youtube surf and was curious to see what was the big deal. When I saw episode 1, I was instantly a fan.

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