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[RPG] The Secrets of Everfree

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1[RPG] The Secrets of Everfree Empty [RPG] The Secrets of Everfree on Sun Oct 14, 2012 4:58 pm

Hey everypony! ^^

To start off, I want to say this is my first time using this forum, so go easy on me. That being said, I want to show all of you a game that me and 10 other very talented (in my opinion) are working on. Basically, its an Open-World puzzlebased RPG. It contains the Dragon Age 2 controls, the World-Acts from Diablo 2 and 3, the Open-World and 3D aspect from World of Warcraft, and puzzles from all sorts of puzzle games.
Although there will be combat involved, it will be alike the combat seen in the Zelda games. For now the game will be singleplayer, but if people show interest in it, we will consider making it multiplayer..
I, along with our Lead 3D modeller, am the founder of this game. So far, these are the ideas we're working towards getting ready for the demo release:

You start out in the schoolhouse as 3 ponies. A Pegasus, Unicorn and Earth pony. Meaning you control a group of 3 fillies/colts, which you can switch between controlling as you go, like in Dragon Age 2. The first interaction is with Miss Cheerilee. She will give you a quick introduction, after which tou will then proceed into the school yard, where (possibly) Cheerilee will instruct you on how to use the basic controls and the racial abilities for each race, on the different objects in the school yard. We have not yet decided what all of the racial abilities are, but its certain that you are going to need all 3 ponies to overcome many of the puzzles in the game.

Currently, we're looking for the following:

  • 3D Artist (Modeler)
  • 2D Artist (GUI Graphics)
  • 2D Artist (Textures)
  • Sound Artist (Background Music, Voice Acting, Spell/Ability Audio, Background Audio, e.g. birds, wind, rain, etc.)

But anyone who wants to help are welcome to ask, and we'll see if we can work something out.

So far we are still programming the base of the game. E.g. the controls, audio, NPCs, interaction, world physics, etc. Which means, we don't have much portfolio yet. All we want to show is this picture of the creation screen, seeing as everything else at the moment are simply not far enough in development to give the spectator a clear view of our intentions with the game:
[RPG] The Secrets of Everfree 134282337422
Of course it will have eyes. The reason it currently doesn't is, we're trying to make it possible for us to move the eyes through programming. It will save the animators a lot of work, and the game will take up less disk space.
Also, bear in mind that most of the 2D graphics you see will be changed, once we actually get a 2D artist x)

Not much more to say from here. If there's more you'd like to know, let me know and Ill update it as soon as possible.

Contact info:
Email: Ekrajb123[at]
Skype: bjarkesgaard


PS. I go by the name Keta usually, but 'Register' wanted minimum 5 characters .___.'

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2[RPG] The Secrets of Everfree Empty Re: [RPG] The Secrets of Everfree on Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:04 pm

Flo, one of our great programmers has managed to unravel the mystery that is HLSL! That means we now have a basic shader working! Head over to the Blogspot to read more about it, or watch the linked video here:

Falgantil Aka. Keta

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